The Vistas Meetings


There were a few owners missing from the first Meeting Of Owners and I thought it important to document what occurred.  A Sign in Sheet details the attendance.  The agenda is attached which details much of the information that was passed to all.

1.    Board of Directors newly elected:  Joseph Brousseau, Raymond Burkitt, Edmund Galka, Gerard Havasy, Gina Lysyczyn

2.    The Board of Directors appointed the following Officers of the Association and their term of office:

a.    President: Gerard Havasy (1)
b.    Vice President Operations: Joseph Brousseau (1)
c.     Vice President Grounds and Maintenance: Raymond Burkitt (2)
d.    Secretary: Paula Cannata (1)
e.    Treasurer: Gina Lysyczyn/Mary McCarthy (2) (shared position)
f.      Financial Adviser:  Edmond Galka (1)
g.    Architectural Control:  Iana Kroll (1)

3.    Finances were discussed in detail by Ed Galka and the Owners voted to increase the Association fee to $200.00 per month.  A break down of the monthly fee was discussed and is attached.

4.    The owners voted to allow the transfer of $3000 from the Reserve Fund to the Operating Fund to take care of initial operating expenses. The amount will be returned to the Reserve Fund than one year of operation.

5.    Insurance - Bill Bergan of Adirondack Trust Insurance made a presentation and responded to questions regarding our Association's required insurance as well as questions regarding HO6 (renters type insurance for HOA'S).

6.    Handyman’s list:  If you have good experience with a local craft, ask him if he would like to be on our list.  The handyman must have insurance to cover workers comp and $1 million per occurrence for accidents. We will need to have a file for them.

a.    Carpenter:  Tom Thorne 522-2750
b.    Carpenter:  Mark Habiniak 8578266
c.     Electrician: 
d.    Plumber: 

7.    Housekeeping details

a.    Barbecue grills distance from houses must be ten (10’) feet away in accordance with New York State law and our Homeowners By-Laws.
b.    Inappropriate pet behavior (i.e.: barking dogs, not picking up after your dog)
c.     Loud TV and music should be respectful of our neighbors, especially after 9:00 PM, and other annoyances)

8.    Architectural committee – Iana Kroll will lead our efforts in this area. We discussed the importance of maintaining the front of the houses in a similar but not cookie-cutter format.  We want to allow creativity in this area that will enhance our neighborhood, but will abide by our By-Laws and Covenants. 

9.    Summer picnic – we would like to have another picnic as we get to know each other better. The Galka’s have volunteered their ‘helicopter platform’ patio as the center for the picnic. We would encourage, as in the past, for everyone to bring a dish or drink to share.

10. Website – Maureen Shields #13 is continuing to work on a website for the Association.

11. Group email – Maureen is also working on a group email (G-Mail) for broadcast emails such as this. We have 36 names on the list and sometimes my Yahoo email has a ‘hiccup’, which could be a problem in the future.  We also want to be able to pass it along seamlessly with changes of office in the future.

12. Next meeting is planned for the fall.

13. Attachments:
a.    Agenda
b.    Sign in Sheet
c.     Budget Data July 2014 – June 30 2015

If there are any corrections, additions, or omissions, please advise me.

Gerard F. Havasy
President, Vistas Homeowners Association
26 Vista Ct.
Clifton Park, NY 12065
Tel:  518-406-5675