The Vistas Meetings


PROXY FORM- for those who will not be attending, but wish to appoint someone else to vote on their behalf.

ABSENTEE BALLOT - for those who will not be attending , but wish to vote on specific items.

If you choose to use either of these forms, it must be returned to the Secretary or to the President.

The forms below are the basic outline for informational purposes. Documents should be updated before use.


Proxy Form Printable Proxy Form Absentee Ballot Absentee Ballot, Basic


1.    All Authorized Voter Members, one per household, have the right to vote.  It is recommended that Members review the Declarations of Covenants and the Association By-Laws before the meeting.

2.    If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may vote by proxy or by absentee ballot. The Proxy (section 3.04.) and/or Absentee Ballot (Section 3.05.) must be filed in writing three days before, (by Friday June 20, 2014), the meeting with your authorized representative and/or the Secretary.

3.    Quorum. Section 4.07.  Except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws, the presence in person, by Absentee Ballot or by Proxy of Owners having 51% of the total Authorized Voting Owners shall constitute a Quorum at all meetings of the Owners.  We need 14 owner representatives.

4.    Majority vote Section 4.08.

  • a.    Members of the Board elected at any meeting of the Owners shall, except as otherwise provided by law, or these By-Laws, be elected by a simple majority of Authorized Votes cast (14 minimum). 
    b.    All other actions should be taken by vote of Owners by majority of Authorized Votes cast at a meeting at which a quorum shall be present or represented by Absentee Ballot or Proxy.  (8 votes minimum)
    c.     The term “simple majority of Owners” shall mean those Authorized Voting Owners having 51% or more of the total Authorized Votes cast in person, by Absentee Ballot or by Proxy and voting at any meeting of Owners determined in accordance with these By-Laws.  For example, if 14 owners are represented, than 51% of the vote (8) would be sufficient to move forward on an issue.

5.    We have tried to follow the By-Laws and Declarations as closely as possible, avoiding some of the legalese language for better clarity. However all the Sections and Articles have been noted.

6.    We will have a sign in sheet of all Authorized Voters (one per home) and follow parliamentary procedure in this meeting.




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