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PO Box 2821
Glenville, NY 12325

Phone: 518-381-9661
Fax: 518-399-5715

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Update: May 2015

Each homeowner who wants to get their driveways sealcoated, please call C.W. Sealcoating. They have all the driveway dimensions and will maintain the same price as last year at $.10 per square foot.  They will schedule the operation around rain and try to maximize the number of people getting the service. If you want your driveway sealed, please call the number above.

Discussions from 2014:

"After some delay I have some information regarding driveway sealing. I attempted to get prices from 3 companies, two of which responded – Luizzi Paving (the company that paved our drives) and C.W. Sealcoating of Glenville.

First - the cost: Luizzi priced it at 12¢ per square foot and C.W. offered 10¢ per square foot.
Second - Impressions: Luizzi seems very pre-occupied with the paving end of the business.

C.W. only does sealcoating and, before offering a price, came to inspect the drives and calculate a price per drive for those who showed an earlier interest. They also said they do not recommend sealing a drive newer than 12 months old since the macadam in this area requires 12 months to properly cure. Therefore, some drives may have to wait until a later date to be properly sealed.

We came to CW through Andrew (Riverview) who used this company for his own home as did his neighbors. All were well satisfied.

Third – Recommendation: That we use C.W. since the price was good, they appeared responsible, and only do the type of work we are seeking.
They do NOT spray. They brush a 6 inch border and then roll the rest. Reports say that they work very clean. Michael Mareno is the owner (381 – 9661)
My earlier memo was to see if we had enough interest. Now is the moment of truth. Please let me know by Monday, June 30th if you are serious.
If you have doubts as to the age of your driveway, it may be best to defer. Christine at CW said they expect to hold the price next year unless costs go crazy.
Once I receive your decision, I’ll pass the list along. You can then call (see above) CW to arrange a time to meet your schedule.
Ray #15

*Dervied from emails from Ray Burkitt, 6-10-14

Splotchy driveways:

Driveways, sealer and splotches Some of us, particularly those with the L-shaped driveways have noted splotches in the driveways. Turning steering wheels while sitting in one place causes this. It tends to grind up the asphalt even after it has been sealed. To minimize, make sure your car is rolling before turning the steering wheel and advise visitors likewise.

*Derived from emails from Jerry Havasy, August 2014