President's Note:

Good news on our lawn and snow contracts.  Because of the good negotiation, we will be able to maintain our current HOA Fee at $200.00 while getting fertilizer included. 

Read on for other info.

Note the request to start a letter writing campaign to get our Cobra light at Rt 146.

Gerard F. Havasy

The Vistas Homeowners Association, Inc
26 Vista Ct.
Clifton Park, NY 12065

The Vistas Meetings

Minutes of the March 25, 2015 Officer's Meeting

Meeting called to order

  • Roll call of officers:

President: Jerry Havasy P
Vice President Operations:  Joe Brousseau P
Vice President Grounds:  Ray Burkitt P
Secretary:  Paula Cannata A
P = present, A = absent

Treasurer, collections: Gina Lysyczyn P
Treasurer, payer:  Mary McCarthy P
Financial Advisor:  Ed Galka P
Architectural Control:  George Blanche P

1.    Review of Minutes:  Minutes of February 11, 2015 meeting -- accepted

2.    Treasurers’ reports: 

Gina reported all HOA fees are current.   
Mary provided several reports.  The Balance Sheet is attached.

Ed has filed an extension for our tax reporting.


3.    Officers' Reports

Snow removal has been well done to date with the only concern being the tractor parked in the circle.  The location will change to the right-of-way between units number 12 and number 14.  Many thanks to Gina and Carol for their cooperation in this venture. 

ii.    Cobra light -- No word from National Grid.  A copy of my letter of October 8, 2014 is attached for reference wording.  We suggest a letter-writing campaign to:
                        Ms. Sue Kindlon
                        National Grid business Services
                        1125 Broadway, Albany, NY 12204 – 2505

Attachment: Streetlight Letter to National Grid PDF Icon Street Light Inquiry Letter

      iii.  Mailboxes – The plastic on the door is breaking on several mailboxes making it difficult to keep closed.  We are reviewing a fix.  Several have been temporarily fixed by Ray and Jerry.

iv.  Garage Door plastic around window should be checked.  One door has had the plastic break loose.  Please check yours.

v.   Driveway sealing will be available for those wanting it.  More info to follow.


b.    Vacation and Snowbird notification:  I will keep this reminder in each of our minutes.  Email: or telephone 518-877-7007.  Please phone or email whenever you are not here for pick-up day so the HOA is credited.  Several members have informed me that they have notified County Waste regarding their absences.  Good work.

c.    Contracts for landscape and snow services - We will have one contractor for snow and another contractor for lawn services.  Both contracts were approved for signing.  Because of the good negotiation, we will be able to maintain our current HOA Fee at $200.00 while getting fertilizer included.

Snow Removal

Landmark, (formally Riverview), will be our contractor for snow removal for the next two years.  Everyone has been pleased with Andrew and we will continue with him.

i.  Salting—Contractor will provide for the two major ice storms included in our contract.  Homeowners will take care of any ice on their driveways and walks after plowing to keep costs down.  This is the case for melt ice after driveway clearing.
ii.  Sidewalk plowing – since no one uses the Vista Court sidewalks, we plan to eliminate the Vista Court plowing. It is difficult to control the ice on them and already one member has taken a tumble.  In part of the Circle, the town plows all the snow on to the sidewalk making it unplowable.  We will continue to have Vista Drive sidewalk plowed.
iiiStaging Tractor on HOA grounds - Because of the danger of hauling a tractor on a trailer during a snowstorm and the extra cost involved, we will allow the snow contractor to stage his equipment in the right-of-way area between units 12 and 14.

Lawn Care

JP Cutting Edge will be our contractor for lawn and fertilizer. JP will utilize TruGreen for the fertilizer.  All lawns and 25’ on each side of Vista Dr will be treated with several applications of fertilizer.

iStricken and/or unmowable lawn reports – we have asked JP to provide us a report on lawns that are unmowable due to wetness or problems with the lawn so that we can report back to each homeowner in those cases.  It may be in the form of a sign or flag on your lawn like the fertilizer signs.
ii.  Mulching—JP will provide estimates after the snow clears.

Tiny gnome Many thanks to Ray Burkitt for his tireless efforts to help the HOA in this area!


4.    Old Business:

a.    Circle beautification:  George Blanche will lead this effort.
b.    By-Laws and Covenants review: George Blanche will lead the effort in the Architectural areas.  Paula will start the balance of the review and parcel out parts to other officers.
c.    Social –Ed & Christine Galka will host a spring party Memorial Day weekend.  Details to follow. 

5.    New Business: none
6.    Other business: 

a.  Spring is coming and many of us have outdoor projects in mind. Please be sure to review the Covenants and Bylaws before starting any major projects outside.  George Blanche has been elected to serve as the Architectural Control Officer to replace Iana Kroll. She requested to be relieved due to time constraints. 

We will be issuing some guidelines in regards to Architectural Control to assist you with any major outdoor projects you may be planning.

b.  We will start to look at the State of the HOA in plans for the Annual Meeting in June. This will include financial, future look towards reserves, and future projects.

7.    Next scheduled meeting is TBD to be held at Sheldon Hills. The Sheldon Hills HOA has invited us to visit with them and learn some of the items and issues that they have run into during the past.

If you have any questions of comments, please contact one of the officers.

Submitted by:

Gerard F. Havasy – President
The Vistas Homeowners Association
26 Vista Ct.
Clifton Park, NY 12065