President's Note:

The Board of Directors appoints the following officers and their terms of office:

a. President: Gerard Havasy (2)
b. Vice President Operations: Joseph Brousseau (2)
c. Vice President Grounds and Maintenance: Raymond Burkitt (1)
d. Secretary: Paula Cannata (1)
e. Treasurer: Gina Lysyczyn/Mary McCarthy (1) (shared position)
f. Financial Adviser: Edmond Galka (2)
g. Architectural Control: George Blanche (1)

President, Vice President, and Financial Advisor elected for 2 years until
7-2017. All others serve until 7-2016.

The Vistas Homeowners Association, Inc
26 Vista Ct.
Clifton Park, NY 12065

The Vistas Meetings

Minutes of the May 6, 2015 Officer's Meeting

Meeting called to order

  • Roll call of officers:

President: Jerry Havasy P
Vice President Operations:  Joe Brousseau A
Vice President Grounds:  Ray Burkitt P
Secretary:  Paula Cannata P
P = present, A = absent

Treasurer, collections: Gina Lysyczyn P
Treasurer, payer:  Mary McCarthy P
Financial Advisor:  Ed Galka P
Architectural Control:  George Blanche P

1.    Review of Minutes:  Minutes of March 25, 2015 meeting -- accepted

2.    Treasurers’ reports: 

Gina reported all HOA fees are current as of April 2015.

Mary provided Schedule A - Budget for 2015-2016
The HOA Fee will remain the same ($200) for the coming year.

3.    Officers' Reports

Snow removal has been signed. Copies will be distributed to the officers, and posted on the website. 

ii.    Cobra light -- No word from National Grid.  Jerry will be drafting a letter for everyone to sign and send to:
                        Ms. Sue Kindlon
                        National Grid business Services
                        1125 Broadway, Albany, NY 12204 – 2505

      iii.  Mailboxes – all new mailboxes have been installed, primarily by Ray with help from George and Jerry. Ray also bought the screws and wood that enabled quick fixes.

iv.  Driveway sealing -- Each homeowner who wants the service should contact 

C.W. Sealcoating directly at 381-9661

They have all the driveway dimensions and will maintain the same price as last year at $.10 per square foot.  They will schedule the operation around rain and try to maximize the number of people getting the service. If you want your driveway sealed, please call the number above.

b.    Vacation and Snowbird notification:  I will keep this reminder in each of our minutes.  Email: or telephone 518-877-7007.  Please phone or email whenever you are not here for pick-up day so the HOA is credited.  Several members have informed me that they have notified County Waste regarding their absences.  Good work.

Lawn Care

c.    Contracts for lawn care - JP Cutting Edge is our contractor for lawn and fertilizer. JP utilizes TruGreen for the fertilizer.  All lawns and 25’ on each side of Vista Dr will be treated with several applications of fertilizer during the coming months.

i. Stricken and/or unmowable lawn reports – we have asked JP to provide us a report on lawns that are unmowable due to wetness or problems with the lawn so that we can report back to each homeowner in those cases.  It may be in the form of a sign or flag on your lawn like the fertilizer signs.  JP thatched most of our lawns as a courtesy.

ii. Mulching—JP will provide estimates for mulching in the front of all the houses. We expect it's probably going to be cost-effective to buy your own mulch and do it yourself.  However, we will await the estimate from JP.

iii.  Dead grass areas along the curbs, fire hydrants and home lawns will need some attention.  We will be experimenting with several areas to see what might be the best approach. The most challenging area will be the island between the road and sidewalk which gets snow loaded with salt.

iv.  Rain sensor wire (irrigation system) - JP recommends the wire which is attached to the pipe of your gas line meter be wrapped to protect it from the weed whacker. If you have such a situation please try and take care of it. Ray will be available to help others once he gets a roll of tape.


4.    Old Business:

a.    Circle beautification: George & Donna Blanche cleaned up the circle after JP's thatched.  Lots of cleanup and then they reseeded. The grass has now sprouted.  We will see how that works out.  The Blanches and Maureen Shields have been watering.  They can use some assistance from others in the cul-de-sac.

b.    By-Laws and Covenants review: George Blanche has made a tremendous accomplishment in upgrading our bylaws and covenants and removing the unnecessary Sponsor’s Offering section that no longer applies.  We will send to all homeowners prior to the Annual Mtg and ask for your comments.  When it is voted on and approved by the membership we will reprint it and distribute to all homeowners.

c.    Social –Ed & Christine Galka will host a spring pot luck party May 30. Chris will try to coordinate a variety of foods so we don’t get 6 dishes of baked beans. Details to follow. 


5.    New Business:

a.    Handyman - I have been requested by a number of residents to see if we could find a handyman who could come on specific days and do some minor small work around our houses.  I have used Sean Narjoon on some work in our house and he has done good work. He is insured and well talented as he is the handyman on several apartment buildings in the area. 

Contact him at 986-3026,  I have several of his cards I can give to you.

6.    Other business: If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of the officers.

7.   Annual Meeting: June 8, 2015 @ 6:30 PM at the Clifton Park Library, Room A-B, Second Floor


Submitted by:

Gerard F. Havasy – President
The Vistas Homeowners Association
26 Vista Ct.
Clifton Park, NY 12065