Notes of October 5, 2015 Officers Meeting

·      Meeting called to order

·      Roll call of officers:

President: Jerry Havasy P

Vice President Operations:  Joe Brousseau A

Vice President Grounds:  Ray Burkitt P

Secretary:  Paula Cannata resigned, moved

P = present, A = absent

Treasurer, collections: Gina Lysyczyn A

Treasurer, payer:  Mary McCarthy P

Financial Advisor:  Ed Galka P

Architectural Control: George Blanche P

Park District Rep:  Sue Gray P

1.    Review of Minutes:  Minutes of 2nd Annual Homeowners Mtg on June 8, 2015 -- accepted

2.    Treasurers’ reports

·      Gina reported all HOA fees are current as of September 2015. 

·      Mary reported bills are paid through October 4, 2015.  The Reserve Fund is at $7400. We’re operating on a slim margin and will need to consider raising our HOA Fee sometime in the future.

3.    Officers’ Reports


a.    Taxes were filed on September 14, 2015.

b.    Annual Compilation will be provided by March 31, 2016.  We’re still looking for someone who can do this at a reasonable cost.  If you know someone, let us know.


a.    Mailboxes – some of the new mailboxes have door-closing problems with the magnets.  We are reviewing a fix.

b.    Lawn care--JP Cutting Edge’s contract ends on October 15.  Any homeowner who wants work done around his house should contact JP (860-6671) soon because he will be starting his leaf pick up for all his other customers and he says that that is a full-time effort. We are reviewing with him a possible cleanup around Thanksgiving.

c.     Driveway Markers:  Each house is responsible for its driveway.  They are now available at the hardware stores.  If you want help, please ask.  Job Lot has a six pack available for about $6.00.

d.    Park District:  Sue Gray reported that the Sherwood Forest Park District is pushing to have money spent for tennis court rehab.  We voted no due to lack of interest by our members.

4.    Old Business:

a.    Circle & Sign beautification:  Sue Gray has done some replanting and is now finished until spring.  Thanks Sue.

b.    By-Laws and Covenants review: We have a new estimate from the County and are proceeding to file.  The Board also voted to allow sharing of our bylaws and covenants with the Jack Levy subdivision extension to Tanner Rd so that we are in sync with the directions they may be proceeding on.

c.    Christmas Social – A Christmas social is planned for Friday evening, Dec 18 at the Vistas.  Cocktails from 5 to 6 PM followed by dinner.  Please mark your calendar’s for this event. We thank the committee of Chris Galka, Addie Burkitt, and Fran Paliwodzinski, the same team as last year.

d.  Vacation and Snowbird notification:  I will keep this reminder in each of our minutes.  Email: Duane; telephone Direct:  518-877-2335, Cell:  518-313-9580.  Please phone or email whenever you are not here for pick-up day so the HOA is credited.

e.  Handyman - I have been requested by a number of residents to see if we could find a handyman who could come on specific days and do some minor small work around our houses. Sean Narjoon has done good work. He is insured and well talented as he is the handyman on several apartment buildings in the area.  Contact him at 986-3026,  I have several of his cards I can give to you.

5.    New Business:

1. Tanner Rd. extension discussion

a.    We agreed to sharing declarations and covenants

b.    Town planning board meetings, Oct 14 & 27, Nov 10 & 24, Dec 8.  It would be good if we have some members attend.

2. Storm - tree down, no house damage.

3. AJ Sprinkler Co. shutdowns – Thanks to Teresa Lentlie #24 for organizing.

4. Late HOA fee – tabled for now.

6. Fall work party – none scheduled.

7. Christmas party – see above note

8. Farewell and thanks to Paula Cannata for her contributions to our HOA team.  We wish her well in her return to Massachusetts.

9.  “Clifton Park Neighbors” magazine article – see attached if you did not catch it in the October issue.

10.  Turn you porch light on for Trick or Treaters

11.  Please contact me if you are interested in serving as an officer to replace Paula’s remaining portion of the year.

12.  And finally, a warm welcome to Rose Lantz, tel 371-5595, who is moving into #27.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of the officers.

Gerard F. Havasy


The Vistas Homeowners Association, Inc.


1.  Pie chart of how our HOA fee is spent and Good Bye letter from Paula Cannata

2. “Clifton Park Neighbors” magazine article on The Vistas

3.  Latest Jack Levy Subdivision drawings for the Tanner Rd extension

--- Subdivision drawing 1

--- Subdivision drawing 2


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