Lawn Care: Basic Services

Contractor Information Summary

Jeffrey Paulsen
P.O. Box 5704
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Phone: (518) 860-6671

2015 Contract with JP's Cutting Edge

Please note: if you have issues and concerns, please call
Ray Burkitt 406-5215

Ray is our central contact and coordinator with Riverview. Please speak with Ray first before contacting the company directly..

Scope of Work: Responsiblities of the Contractor

Please click here to see the comprehensive list of tasks and type of work to be performed by JP's Cutting Edge.
To include: Lawn maintenance, Sidewalk Trimming, Fertilization, Mulching, Landscaping/Pruning, Debris Removal, Spring Clean Up and Fall Clean Up.

Weed Control is being contracted to TruGreen through JP's Cutting Edge.

Scope of Work: Responsibilities of the Home Owner

New plantings and bedding -- If you are adding plants or stuff around your house please make it easy to mow and trim around. The 52 inch wide mower does not get through all the openings. Please keep that in mind to ease mowing and keep our costs down.

Placement of statuary, birdbaths, birdfeeders, firepits, etc. - the same considerations apply. Please make it easy to mow and trim around these objects.

Lawn furniture and hoses: Riverview will not move these items out of the way.

Lawn maintenance, especially new lawns: New lawns need starter fertilizer to develop their roots. The fertilizers being applied by Lawn Dog are not Starter and and don’t facilitate root growth. The new grass comes up green, and then turns yellow if not fed properly. Please do not forget to water the yard. If the grass is crisp and holds a foot print, it needs to be watered. Especially with new lawns, the roots will not grow and set properly if the lawns are either underwatered or overwatered.

*Derived from emails from Jerry Havasy, August 2014