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*Please note: these recommendations are from your neighbors who have had good experiences with various contractors.
The HOA assumes no responsibility or liability for these recommendations.

Association Responsibilities

Lawn Care: Includes:Mowing and trimming of all grassed areas during the growing season (May through November). Blow out beds, driveways, walkways and remove debris.

 Shrubs/trees: will will trimmed as needed. Does not include: fertilization of lawn, grub control,

 Spring Cleanup: as soon as the snow has melted, a clean out of all beds and grounds will be done.

 Fall Cleanup: Leaves and other debris will be removed during weekly mowings through November and grounds will be prepared for Spring maintenance.

Snow Removal: Snow will be removed from driveways, private walkways, and sidewalks at a 2 inch or more accumulation.

Ice Control: ice control materials will be applied after an ice storm to each driveway and private walkway.

Refuse Removal: Pick up is Tuesday of every week. Receptacles may be taken out to the curb the night before but must be brought back inside by the end of the day of pickup and stored in the homeowner's garage.

Separate receptacles will be made available one for refuse and another specifically for recyclables (paper, plastic, cardboard).

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Owner Responsibilities

Required: Obtaining at the owner's expense, adequate insurance for personal property within the home and garage, and liability insurance for occurrences within the home or lot appurtenant to such home.  Click for more information about insurance.

Gas and electric is provided by National Grid or provider of the owner’s choice. Each home will be separately metered and each owner will be billed directly.

Telephone service will be provided by Time Warner cable, or other provider of the homeowner's choice. Each owner will be billed directly for such service. 

Cable will be available from Time Warner Cable or another such cable company providing service to the area.  Each homeowner will be billed directly for such service. 

Water will be provided by the Clifton Park Water Authority and sewer services will be provided by the Saratoga County Service District #1. Owners will be billed directly for these services on a quarterly basis.  

Driveways: All driveways within private lots will be owned and maintained by the respective owner, with the exception that the HOA will be responsible for snow removal.

Sidewalks: All sidewalks within the private lot will be owned and maintained by the respective homeowner.

Carriage Lights and Street Lights: maintenance of the lights is the responsibility of each homeowner.

Trees and shrubs located within the residential lot will be owned and maintained by the homeowner.





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